Tuesday, July 28, 2015


I have forgotten to give my favorite reference credit here - a remind parents of a phenomenal resource to utilize as a tool to use to provide church to their kids throughout the week.  I used to watch tons of Veggie Tales - that's how I am so easily able to pull up the names of the parables that I am currently focused on.  So yep, my spiritual based is as equally based off Veggie Tales as it is Supernatural.  I also know that I plan to reference the Canterbury Tales and the Brother's Grimm novels but may need to re-read those texts because I haven't read those since college.

But Veggie Tales is one way that my boys were provided with knowledge about the spiritual stories throughout their lives.  Anyone of the creators of Veggie Tales that wants to take their knowledge to a more adult project level is welcome to contact me as well!!!!  I'd love input on the project.

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